Your 5 step guide to finding the perfect fit for your finger - using our ring sizing tool

We've found that around 1/3 of our customers have struggled to size their finger(s) properly (or even perfectly for that fact) prior to purchasing their first piece!

Due to how tricky it can be to accurately size your finger, we've now incorporated a new easy to use ring sizer tool Australia, available for purchase for only $0.99!

Our goal is to help you avoid any unnecessary exchanges or returns by ordering one of our ring sizers before purchasing your Jackal & Dare band.

Step 1: When to size your finger

We've ensured that our ring sizers are incredibly simple to use and accurate at that (to make sure of this we tested them out ourselves, and let me tell you - if we can figure it out, anyone can)!

Before we begin, it's important to note that your finger size will slightly change throughout the day (this is completely normal, depending on activity, or the temperature). Our recommendation is that you size your finger toward the end of the day while you are relaxed (not too hot, or too cold etc).

This may mean waiting a few hours. Remember we don't want to rush this process!


Step 2: Ensure that your hand is nice & relaxed

Let's jump back in! Our sizers are not too dissimilar to the functionality behind using your everyday belt. First ensure that your hand is relaxed and push the end of the sizer through the buckle to form a loose loop.

Step 3: Using the ring sizing tool

Now that you have your loose loop formed from the sizing tool, slide it over the desired finger that you wish to size and tighten the loop accordingly around your desired finger, the tool will now act as a ruler to help you measure the circumference of your finger.

Ensure that you are sizing the ring to your finger & not to your knuckle. 

Step 4: Attaining the perfect fit

Now remember, we don't want the sizing tool to be pulled so tight that you're cutting off circulation, or that you aren't able to slide it back over your knuckle. Or alternatively so loose that the ring is sliding off your knuckle when your hands are pointed in a downward position.

For your most comfortable fit, ensure that the sizer is able to be pulled back over your knuckle and that the tool isn't too tight around your finger.

There should be a tiny space of air between the sizer and your finger, ensuring that the sizer isn't too tight.

When a ring fits perfectly it should slide nicely over your knuckle when placing your piece on your finger. You'll often find that when removing a perfect fitting piece that you may have the slightest (2 or so seconds) of resistance when sliding the piece off, over your knuckle.

This is particularly true for the gents as we tend to have slightly larger knuckles!

Step 5: A perfect fit is a comfortable fit

Something to take note of: At Jackal & Dare our pieces are crafted with the comfort of our wearers in mind. All bands are comfort fit in style, meaning each piece is designed with a domed interior, preventing any pinching or unnecessary pressure on the finger for our wearers.

A perfectly fitted Jackal & Dare mens wedding rings will slide gently over your knuckle more smoothly than the ring sizer, due to the 'comfort fit' design of each piece. So as we said above; do not be afraid if you run into the slight resistance when using your ring sizer to help find your size.

Our last recommendation

One small recommendation from our team would be that when sizing your finger you keep the ring sizer on for 10 or so minutes to ensure that you are comfortable with the desired size. You may even potentially try tightening/loosening the sizing tool by a half size to ensure you have the perfect fit and repeat the 10 minutes over.

What happens if I use the ring sizer, find my size, receive my Jackal & Dare piece and it still doesn't fit?

One of core goals at Jackal & Dare is to maintain exceptional customer experience at every angle of our business & we're proud to say that we believe our reviews reflect that! We understand that premium jewellery comes at a higher price point and on top of that can be tricky to get that perfect fit. So we've done everything we can to alleviate that problem for our wearers.

If you do happen to still need a re-size post purchase, do not worry! We ensure a hassle free exchange service for all of our customers. Simply email us at and we will facilitate an exchange for you - free of charge.

Make sure to check out one of our reviews below from Ryan who wasn't able to quite find his perfect fit on the first try, but still had a fantastic experience with Jackal & Dare when he finally received his perfect fit.


"Unfortunately the first ring didn't quite fit, so Jackal & Dare immediately sent out two different sized rings to ensure that i got my perfect fit! I'm truly stoked with the ring."

5 stars - Ryan 'The Mesomalas 6mm