Reasons to Consider Wearing a Tungsten Ring for Your Wedding

For couples that are excited about their upcoming wedding and still have several months to prepare, one essential thing you should never forget to pay attention to is your wedding bands. It’s a valuable piece of jewellery that you and your future partner will be wearing the moment you pronounce your love for each other in front of your family and friends until your last breath. 

Men struggling to decide on the kind of ring they want to wear can consider tungsten—one of the most renowned metals used for wedding bands. It’s a stylish and affordable option that highlights comfort and a modern design.

Since a tungsten ring for men offers a unique look, it will only suit those with a distinct sense of style compared to gold or silver bands that almost anyone can pull off without much effort. Keep reading below to find out why tungsten may just be the right wedding band for you.

It’s an Inexpensive Metal

If you’re looking forward to buying affordable band rings, tungsten is the perfect choice due to how inexpensive the metal is compared to other minerals. You don’t have to spend too much money on your rings and focus on other priorities, such as the wedding preparation. 

Tungsten consists of various grades of tungsten carbide cobalt, which works to determine how much it costs depending on the kind of ring you select. If you want high-quality tungsten, since it contains carbon and nickel, it will tend to be more expensive than tungsten that only has carbide.

It Offers a Durable Finish 

When it comes to its long-lasting properties, tungsten remains ahead of other metals used as rings for men. Not only that, but it’s known to be the most durable metal that jewellers use to make scratch-resistant accessories. 

You don’t have to worry about damaging your silver tungsten band unless you accidentally rub it against diamond or moissanite, the two minerals that are harder than tungsten. Other than that, you can freely wear your ring daily without experiencing unnecessary scratches. 

It Doesn’t Lose its Shine

When you decide to purchase a men’s tungsten wedding ring, you can be sure to benefit from the metal’s neutral finish. Unlike gold, silver, and platinum wedding bands that tend to fade over time, with gold losing its radiance, platinum turning blue, and steel corroding after a while.

With tungsten carbide, you can expect your tungsten ring to preserve its original gleam from the moment you acquire it down to the years you choose to wear it regularly. It doesn’t matter if your routine involves heavy-duty activities that could lead you to hit your ring over hard surfaces—your band will remain untarnished and scratch-free. 

It Comes in Various Colours 

If you’re meticulous about the accessories you wear and you’re concerned whether it will match your everyday attire or not, you’re in luck because tungsten comes in various colour options. You can opt for its popular selection, gunmetal grey, perfect for a men’s band ring.

Meanwhile, if you want a modern choice, you can also select a white ring that exudes a sleek design. In fact, white tungsten men’s rings look almost the same with platinum and white gold metals that most people choose as their wedding band.   


It’s crucial to make sure everything is set for your wedding day. When it comes to your rings, if you’re looking for something special, you can benefit from a mens wedding bands tungsten as the best choice. You can rest assured with your tungsten ring knowing that it is made of inexpensive metal, offers a durable finish, doesn’t lose its shine, and comes in various colours for you to choose from.

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