4 Reasons to Choose a Silicone Wedding Ring


The discussion around wedding rings has almost always revolved around women, leaving men to stick to the traditional metal band. That doesn’t mean a classic look is all men want: in fact, men’s fashion accessories have gone a long way in the last few years. Rings for men come in all shapes, sizes, and makes, allowing the most stylish men to express themselves, especially on their wedding day.

Silicone men’s rings have been skyrocketing in popularity, thanks to their durability and sleek design. They’re less delicate, they fit better, and you’ll never have to worry about cutting off your finger’s circulation if the ring gets stuck, unlike with conventional metal rings. Here are four reasons to choose a silicone ring for your wedding:

1. It Looks Good

Silicone rings like ours are simple, modern, and no-frills. They’re also a great choice if you want something different for your wedding band, expressing your bold or adventurous side. You can wear your commitment with pride while wearing sleek silicone rings, which combine form and function with finesse.

2. It’s Affordable

Another perk of silicone rings is that they’re way more affordable than classic metal bands, which means you don’t have to worry about replacing your wedding band when you misplace it. If you work in the healthcare industry, you can even use medical-grade silicone for your ring, allowing you to wear your ring even on duty. 

If you love to travel, silicone rings are a good fit for your lifestyle. It’s easy to lose track of your belongings when you’re hopping from place to place, and wearing a wedding ring in public often makes you the target of thieves. They can earn good money by pawning it off, but that won’t be the case with a rubber ring, as it won’t have meaning to anyone else but you.

3. It’s Safe to Wear (Even Outdoors)

Silicone wedding rings are safe to wear regardless of where you are, making them a better fit for people who work mechanical jobs in warehouses, manufacturing and industrial settings, welding, and many other similar fields. Metal rings typically aren’t welcome in these settings, but rubber is harmless, which means you get to keep it even as you go about your daily activities.

These rings are also non-conductive and hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about angry irritations or reactions on your finger, even when you take it with you outdoors. However, your rings do need to breathe from time to time, so make sure to take it off every other day to wash it and let it dry.

4. It’s Compatible With Active Lifestyles

It may come as a surprise to you that people—particularly athletes—have long used silicone rings. Metal and sweat don’t mix well together, and swapping a metal band for a silicone one is a worry-free way to show your commitment without ruining the ring. Whether you’re an athlete or a physically active person, you have everything to gain from wearing a silicone ring.

Silicone rings are also an excellent fit for parents since you’ll be dealing with many messes as you take care of your children. A conventional metal band would get scuffed right away between vomit, spit-ups, and food spills. However, your silicone ring can withstand all the stress with nary a scratch.


Celebrating your commitment with your spouse is usually done with a metal band, but you don’t have to stick to tradition. By wearing silicone rings for men, you’ll enjoy a fuss-free item that you can take with you anywhere while getting rid of all the pain points of a metal ring. It’s a win-win situation for you!

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