wearing a Mens wedding rings


About J&D

We believe that every man has the right to express himself both freely & unapologetically. For years we noticed the threat of boring, conventional aesthetic in men’s jewellery begin to negatively mark the industry. Partnered with a lack of practicality & durability in the functional design of the piece, you’re left with a lacklustre, overpriced & overly precious piece of jewellery that lays unworn most days. 

We’re a family-run team dedicated to changing the game for the better. Our pieces are designed with your lifestyle in mind, created to be worn day in and day out & remain unscathed through the daily grind. 

Inspired by durability, functionality & a unique aesthetic, our pieces are best suited to the modern-day man’s man. 

Welcome to the pack, The Jackal & Dare team.

Giving Back To The Pack

We hate reading about our brothers taking their own lives and one of the biggest killers of men is suicide.

We’ve become increasingly passionate about men’s mental health & what we can do to help protect our own.  

For every ring purchased, we donate a portion of the profits, to help win this war!

Our two favourite men's health organisations are ‘Beyond Blue’ and the ‘Black Dog Institute’ and we would encourage all the members of our pack to also individually support these two organisations and help reduce men's mental health issues.