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Full Rebate of ring sizer cost with the purchase of your ring.

We find that around ⅓ of our customers struggle to size their finger(s) properly! Due to how tricky it can be to accurately size your finger, we’ve incorporated a new easy to use ring sizer tool Australia, available for purchase for only $7.95.  We’ll include a discount code with your ring sizer which you can use on any Tungsten ring purchase, that will more than cover the cost of your ring sizer purchase.

Avoid any unnecessary exchanges or returns by ordering one of our ring sizers before purchasing your Jackal & Dare band. 


Simple to use, our ring sizers are not too dissimilar to the functionality behind using a belt! Ensure that your hand is relaxed and push the end of the sizer through the buckle to form a loop, using it to measure the circumference of your desired finger. 

For your most comfortable fit, ensure that the sizer is able to be pulled over the knuckle, and isn’t too tight around your finger. There should be a tiny air space between the sizer and your finger, ensuring it isn’t too tight. When a ring fits perfectly it should slide nicely over your knuckle when placing your piece on your finger, and often have the slightest (2 or so seconds) of resistance when sliding the piece off. 

All Jackal & Dare pieces are comfort fit for our wearers, meaning they will slide over your knuckle more smoothly than the ring sizer - so do not be afraid if there is the slightest bit of resistance when using your ring sizer tool to help find your size! 

Please note: your finger size will slightly change throughout the day, depending on activity, or the temperature. Our recommendation is that you size your finger toward the end of the day while you are relaxed (not too hot, or too cold etc). Ensure that you are sizing the ring to your finger & not to your knuckle. 

If you do happen to still need a re-size post purchase, do not worry! We ensure a hassle free exchange service for all our customers. Simply email us at info@jackalanddare.com.au and we will facilitate an exchange.

The most important step before choosing your favourite piece is first knowing which finger you want to wear your band, and second is knowing your desired size for the perfect fit. You can refer to a ring size chart (see below) for this purpose or take the super simple option and check out our 'ring sizer tool'.

In addition to the ring size chart, If you don’t already have an idea what your ring size might be, on your preferred finger, then know that we’re here to help! 

We have created a downloadable PDF Ring Size Guide (completely free of charge) that will assist you in finding your ring size. 

Please note that most metals; including tungsten, do in fact conduct heat, meaning that depending on the temperature (i.e. a hot day, or jumping into the ocean on a cool day) it may affect the fit of your piece. This should not alter how you measure & size your finger, it’s more something to be aware of when you have your piece. 

If you seem to be having any issues in finding your perfect band, or figuring out your ring size, please don’t hesitate to contact us at!


Click here to download the Jackal & Dare size guide with ring size chart. 

ring size guide

Returns & Exchanges

Jackal & Dare are committed to taking the hassle out of exchanges & returns as we strive for maximum satisfaction from our customers. 

As a company our desire is to give our community peace of mind when purchasing from us, as such we ensure a stress-free exchange process on all products. 



After purchasing your Jackal & Dare piece, if you’ve realised that your band’s fit is slightly off, there’s nothing to worry about. We offer free exchanges* within 30-days of receiving your order.

Just to be clear – we mean completely free, it will not cost you a cent to return your existing ring and get the perfect fit!

Just jump over to our ‘contact us’ page and shoot us the details, including your initial order number (if you have it) or at least the name which the ring was purchased in.

To help ensure that you get 'the perfect fit' straight off, you can order one of our ring sizers first and it comes with a discount coupon, see all the details here.  But rest assured, even if it still ends up being the wrong size, you can still exchange it!


If you’ve had a change of heart or you don’t feel like your piece is quite right for you.

We offer free returns* within 30-days. No questions asked, however as a company that’s continually striving for excellence at every angle, we always welcome your feedback. You can get a full refund or swap to another ring, up to you!.

Just jump over to the ‘contact us’ page and shoot us the details, including your initial order number (if you have it) or at least the name which the ring was purchased in.


Alterations & Customisations 

*Please note that any band that has been altered, or customised post purchase i.e. engravings of any kind, custom finishes etc cannot be returned or exchanged.

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