Tungsten Ring Care guide: 

Let’s be real. There are few men that enjoy anything that’s too high-maintenance. This is exactly the reason that we’ve made our range at Jackal & Dare as low maintenance to care for, as possible. 

Here are a few quick tips to keep your tungsten ring clean; ensuring you keep your band looking sharp & feeling damn good on that finger of yours. 

First things first, it’s our recommendation that you take your band off at night (both tungsten & silicone). This will help to keep both your finger and the band healthy, let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about under ring sweat. Just like you & me, our fingers need a little fresh air every now & then, so before bed take off your band & place it on your bedside table. 

*Lifehack - lot’s of people leave their pieces in the bathroom or by the sink. Tungsten & hard surfaces (i.e. tiled floors) do not go hand in hand. It’s a little like superman & kryptonite. So to keep everyone happy, leave yours on your bedside table. 

How do you clean your tungsten ring you might ask? A simple, yet thorough guide coming up. 

  1. Plug your drain 
  2. A simple drop of dish soap (or hand soap) will do. We recommend a dish or hand soap because it’s specifically designed to be gentle on your hands and it’s created to remove grease & dirt, which are the two main aggressors when it comes to having a dirty band. 
  3. Wet a clean cotton cloth and place a drop of soap onto the cloth, create a lather & go to town on your band, removing dirt and any other debris it may have picked up. . 
  4. Use a cotton swab or toothbrush to clean any grooves in or around bevelled edges. 
  5. Once satisfied, rinse your piece in some warm water & dry off. BOOM. A thorough, simple clean. 

A few gentle side notes: 

  • If you’re a big hand sanitizer fan, take your piece off before using it, it will harm the plated finish & degrade your piece over time. 
  • Whilst your tungsten piece is about as heavy-duty as it gets, we recommend keeping your piece away from harsh chemicals like bleach, Lysol, ammonia, chlorine etc 
  • We recommend taking your piece off while swimming in chlorinated pools or relaxing in spas & hot tubs. 
  • Avoid dropping your piece on hard surfaces, as this may damage the ring (Tungsten’s kryptonite). 

As low-maintenance as they come. If you run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team