Why Tungsten Carbide? 

There are insurmountable positives to owning a piece made of tungsten in comparison to many other (more traditional) types of metal, that go far beyond the price point & hypoallergenic nature. 

As you would know by now, our Tungsten pieces are incredibly durable & created to last for our wearers. The metal itself is four times harder than titanium & ten times that of gold, making it one of the hardest & heaviest (similar to that of platinum) metals found naturally. 

Due to the heavy-duty nature of the metal it’s highly scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant & best of all requires very little maintenance in order to sustain it’s shine & ward off abrasion. These pieces were created for longevity. 

The material itself allows our designers to get creative where they may not be able to with other metals. Tungsten allows our designers the creative freedom needed to break some of the boundaries that more traditional metals keep us confined in, giving us the ability to craft pieces in an array of various different colours, finishes & forms. From our luminescent cobalt blue, to the sleek satin black finish all the way through to a classy 18kt gold finish. 

Tungsten is the perfect choice for our wearers that are living active lifestyles; whether that be working in a trade, at a gym or honing the corporate lifestyle. Our tungsten pieces are purposefully & diligently crafted to remain unscatched throughout your day to day, no matter how rigorous your lifestyle may be. 

There are of course times with which it may be dangerous to wear a tungsten piece (i.e. if you’re rock-climbing at gym, or manning the dropsaw on site), our recommendation is stocking up on our Silicone range for safety purposes. In saying that, in the case of emergency contrary to the rumours; a pair of vice grip pliers will do the trick, every emergency room will be equipped with a pair. 

The unfortunate negatives to a tungsten piece are that the piece can not be re-sized, which is why we have worked hard to implement a hassle-free exchange system allowing you 30 days to return your piece if it isn’t the perfect fit. 

Tungsten’s worst enemy is a hard surface, whilst the metal is highly scratch-resistant, the heavy weight of the metal makes the piece more brittle than other metals. Just like superman has kryptonite, a tungsten piece has a tiled floor. Our recommendation, don’t take your piece off before bed & leave it in the bathroom, leave it on the bedside table!



Our silicone range was created simply to compliment our Tungsten pieces. Where our tungsten pieces may fall short, our Silicone range picks up all the scraps. 

Silicone is classified as a ‘metalloid’, meaning that the material contains properties from both metals and nonmetals. We like to think you’re getting the best of both worlds when you choose a silicone piece. 

These pieces are flexible, allowing them to stretch beyond a half size (which is why we only stock full sizes in Silicone). Before you ask, you’ll be pleased to know that all of our Silicone pieces are crafted with your safety & health in mind; our bands are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and BPA-free.

These bands are crafted to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer. They won’t interfere with your lifestyle, even at the most active of times. They are heat resistant, non-conductive (safe for electricians) and designed to be worn while weightlifting, on the construction site, climbing rocks & all the other crazy things that we seem to love doing so much, all remaining 100% safe for the finger in case of emergency. 

Our recommendation stands for all of our pieces that they should be removed at night, silicone in particular can trap sweat and water underneath your band which can irritate the skin. Similarly to Tungsten these pieces are not resistant to harsh chemicals and can lose their finish if they come in contact with bleach & so forth. 

With enough pulling, tugging, stretching the flexibility can wear down & the piece can snap. This is also a safety pre-caution meaning that you can not skin your finger while wearing a silicone band - making them perfectly suitable for our most adventurous gents taking on wild exports each day.