The Benefits of Silicone Rings over Metal Bands: Our Guide

A wedding is a momentous occasion for any couple, as it is a sign of their commitment to living a life together. But when it comes to wedding rings, many couples would get the usual diamond or metal bands. In fact, platinum, gold, and silver metals are the most popular ones, with stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten coming in next. But have you ever thought about silicone rings?

Over the past years, many couples have tried to deviate away from the conventional metal-and-diamond ring route. Instead, they are now opting for the silicone-based commitment rings because they offer various remarkable perks and benefits.

In this article, we'll share with you the advantages of silicone rings over metal bands so that you will know more about their amazing benefits:

Grip and non-conduction

The silicone rings are best known for their two key features—grip and non-conduction. This means that they naturally wrap around your skin and repel sweat and water due to their rubber-like properties. They do not also conduct heat and energy, which means that they're safe from an ice pack or a lightning strike. Ultimately, you can expect your silicone ring to have an excellent finger-grip and last for as long as possible!

Durability and flexibility

The silicone rings are notable for two remarkable features, which are strength and versatility. While they are made of radically durable materials, they aren't so rigid that they won't give when you need them to. While they remain strong without easily and quickly breaking, they are also versatile, allowing you to wear them both indoors and outdoors. Ultimately, this versatile material exhibits flexibility, malleability, and resistance to water and extreme temperatures!

Here at Jackal & Dare, our silicone wedding bands range is created with your lifestyle in mind. These silicone bands are lightweight and thinner in nature. So, whether you're a carpenter, a gym buff, or a health professional, we will surely have something to offer you!

Smooth Wearing

What's great about silicone rings is that they easily and naturally form around the fingers' natural curves. This is because of the plasticity of the moulded silicone, which makes the rings flexible. When you're wearing our silicone rings, they will smoothly slide and glide around your finger. You can even wear it discreetly and comfortably against a rod grip, inside gloves, underwater, or over a paddle.

Affordable option

While silicone rings have now become readily available in the market, they are still very much affordable compared to other options. As such, you won't have to spend too much investing in this particular ring. Now, if you break one, you can simply buy a replacement online the same day at a relatively low price!

Jackal & Dare boasts its silicone rings for their safety, durability, and affordability, which are ideal for tradespeople and gentlemen in general. Let us help you express freely and unapologetically through our men's rings!


Silicone rings have recently become all the rage as commitment rings for many couples, particularly for gentlemen. They are notable for their stunning features, such as grip and non-conduction, durability and flexibility, smooth wearing, and affordability. With all these benefits, you have all the right reasons to opt for a silicone ring over a metal band.

Here at Jackal & Dare, we're specialised in men's rings in Sydney, offering three main products—custom-made metal rings, silicone rings, and tungsten rings. Check our wide selection and place your order today!