How Hand Sanitisers and Soap Can Affect Your Rings

In a worldwide pandemic, it’s only natural to put personal hygiene above everything else. We wear face masks, stay inside and wash our hands when we head out. We put on hand sanitisers in the absence of soap.

This dilemma has brought back the discourse of what you should do with your rings. You have to continually expose your hands to water and alcohol repeatedly throughout the day. Won’t it damage it? Should I keep it off?

A similar question has been brought up before to athletes who are always active as well as doctors who need to wear gloves for their operations. Some people choose to constantly remove and re-wear the ring. Others look for alternatives to show their love and loyalty to a person.

Here’s how sanitisers can affect your jewellery and what you can do:

The Effect of Chemicals on Your Ring

Chemicals can affect a ring’s band and the gemstone, depending on how long it’s exposed to chemicals. You may notice that the band’s shine can dim or discolour when it touches too many chemicals like rubbing alcohol and bleach. In the worst-case scenario, it can also weaken it to the point of breaking.

Additionally, the gemstone can appear a little more flawed and blemished when exposed to chemicals. A diamond ring can look so elegant, but overexposure can make it seem less defined and fainter. When you’re washing your hands or cleaning a part of the house with some disinfectants, it’s best not to do it with a metal ring on your finger that could have cost a fortune to get.

The Perks of Getting a Silicone Ring

As some people find it hard to take off the ring and put it back on, some people look to get a tattoo or a separate piece of jewellery instead. However, there is an easy solution that won’t require you to slip the ring on and off your finger repeatedly.

A silicone ring acts as a temporary ring on your finger. It’s stretchy and more durable compared to the regular metal ring, as it was made to hold out against chemicals, pressure and excessive heat. Along with that, it doesn’t absorb any weird scents like other rings. 

A silicone ring is excellent to wear to preserve and hide your actual ring. It’s a perfect alternative for couples who are active and busy. You can wear the silicone ring and sweat, do your sports, wash your hands, clean the house and more without worrying about any discolouration or damage. 

How You Can Protect Your Ring

Whether it’s a wedding band or an engagement ring, you want to make sure your ring is far from any harm. With metal rings, we recommend removing them if you’re engaging in an activity where you know you’ll be dealing with chemicals or sweating. 

As for silicone rings, just ensure to clean them from time to time. Even though a silicone ring is immune to the effects of sanitisers and soap, the sweat and grime that collected in the inner band can cause rashes. All you need is a little dish soap and water to get it nice and neat again.


Many have changed up what a ring symbolises. Some treat it as a symbol of individuality, of singularity, of power and more. However, this piece of jewellery has represented devotion and love before anything else. It’s only right to treat them with care and to keep them safe. 

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