5 Elements That Make Tungsten Rings Extremely Durable

For many years, many people have bought and used gold and silver jewellery for various purposes. Some use it to make a statement, while others give it as a gift to their loved ones. For those who want something that is not gold and silver, tungsten has been an excellent alternative material. While the name may not be as common or gold and silver, it is much more common in the jewellery world than some may realise. 

In terms of appearance, tungsten looks similar to many other metals. However, it boasts different characteristics like its strength and high melting point that other metals cannot compete with. However, jewellery owners will always have one thing to worry about: durability. In fact, this concern applies to any metal—gold, silver, or even tungsten. 


If you are wondering just how strong are tungsten rings really, you're in the right place. In this article, we will help you see just why tungsten is renowned for its strength:


The metal


Tungsten is well known in the metal industry to be one of if not the strongest metals to have ever been discovered. In fact, it is so strong that it is combined with other metals like titanium to make them tougher. With that fact alone, you just know that tungsten is a highly durable metal.


The melting point


Tungsten's melting point is approximately 3,410 degrees Celsius, which makes it resilient to high temperatures. Even if it finally starts melting, the atoms in tungsten bond together strongly, turning the metal even stronger than before.


The toughness


Tungsten can be the literal definition of toughness itself. In fact, it is so strong that it is technically indestructible. However, everything has a weakness, and tungsten's would be high temperatures. Then again, those temperatures do not happen normally. Even blue fire, the hottest of the fire levels, is not high enough to melt tungsten. As such, you need not worry that your tungsten ring will suddenly melt because you are wearing it during summer.


The tensile strength


Tensile strength is the measure of how resistant a metal is to deformation. Unsurprisingly, tungsten comes with the highest reading. This guarantees that a tungsten ring is going to maintain its shape and form forever unless there is some form of tensile strength over 60,000 per square inch. Nevertheless, the rings will still go through a tensile strength test, albeit it will pass the test with no problems!


The impact strength


As the name implies, the impact strength is a metal’s ability to resist impacts that can lead to cracks or fractures. It also dictates the metal's ability to resist a scratch. Tungsten has a high impact strength, and in fact, even higher than the impact strength of diamond. This means that you do not have to worry at all about dents, scratches, and fractures on your tungsten ring.




At this point, you now know that tungsten is your one-way ticket if you want a strong yet aesthetically pleasing piece of jewellery. Plus, it will not break your bank, meaning it is much more affordable than other choices like gold. With that in mind, go ahead and look at what the jewellery world has to offer in its tungsten line. Just be sure to work with reliable and trustworthy manufacturers and sellers to ensure you enjoy the highest-quality tungsten ring you can find!


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