3 Practical Tips for Cleaning Tungsten Rings: Our Guide

Tungsten carbide rings are the perfect men’s fashion accessories to have. They are more preferred because of their durability, scratch-resistance, and spectacular appearance. However, you still need to take care of it or risk damaging it. You may even be forced to throw it away! That’s why we will delve deeper into the specifics of proper cleaning and other related maintenance topics. 

This article will discuss three practical tips to help you take care of your tungsten rings. Take this as an opportunity to ensure you have all the styling options you need for any special occasion, like a romantic date and important meeting. This way, you can embody your unique sense of fashion, impress your peers, and utilise your fashion pieces for a long time. 

Wash with soap and water gently 

The great thing about tungsten is its water-resistance, meaning you can wash it along with your hands while using the bathroom sink, especially if any dirt gets on it. For deep cleaning, you need some warm water, liquid soap, and a cloth for drying. Just let the ring soak in a water-soap mixture for 15 minutes. Just don’t forget to remove and dry it immediately to avoid misplacing it. 

If your tungsten rings have any grooves or bevelled edges, you can use a cotton swab or toothbrush to get the pesky dirt particles out. But don’t exert too much force since it may affect the ring’s appearance. Once cleaned, you can use the rings again and have a renewed appreciation for their design and natural shine!

Know when to take off the ring to avoid staining

You may be convinced that you can wear your tungsten ring anywhere and not expect it to become dirty because of its proven sturdiness. However, just as with any jewellery piece, it does have some weaknesses. For example, even if most high-quality tungsten brands are water-resistant, it doesn’t mean they may not react to chlorine and other chemicals in the swimming pool. It may even lead to having tough-to-remove stains. 

As a preventative measure, you should know when to take off your ring and wear it. You may also have to replace worn-out rings with new ones. This way, you don’t have to concern yourself with treating any hard-to-wash-off impurities. Check out our tungsten rings cleaning guide for more information. 

Don’t waste time cleaning fake rings 

Several merchants are selling cheap, fake tungsten rings due to the rise in demand for silver tungsten wedding bands and fashion rings. It means even if you clean them properly, you can damage them easily and fool yourself into thinking they aren’t worth investing in as fashionable pieces. That’s why you should identify with legitimate suppliers to guarantee its quality, craftsmanship, and value for money. 

As such, you should know more about the defining qualities of tungsten and other similar metals. It enables you to have a trained eye for different rings, allowing you to only buy authentic pieces. For instance, you can read more about tungsten and support our team to be assured of legitimate, top-quality products. 


Knowing how to clean tungsten rings and having a better understanding of their implications is crucial. It ensures you are investing in the right fashionable pieces as a legacy, sentimental piece, and treasured resource. As such, you should also purchase premium, well-made rings to maximise your investment in them. Build your jewellery collection today! 

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