4 Tips About Rings and Fashion - Our Basic Guide for Men

Rings are often overlooked by most men for their everyday fashion wardrobe, but they can be the missing link to your best look. You just have to know what you are doing with your accessories and how they tie up with your whole ensemble. But how exactly do you style with rings successfully? 

This article will discuss four basic tips to help you become the best dressed among the rest with your rings. Take this as an opportunity to update your current wardrobe with accessories and different clothes. This way, you can feel more confident and comfortable since you are showing off your unique style. 

1. Don’t be limited by wedding bands 

Several gentlemen still choose to limit themselves to what they know about fashion and rings. They say that wedding bands may only be the appropriate look. However, that’s not the case since most men wear rings as part of their everyday style. 

For instance, you can see corporate executives wearing tungsten rings as a finishing touch for their business attire. You can witness tradespeople sporting rings as part of their personalised look as they serve different clients. 

As such, you shouldn’t be limited to looking at rings as wedding bands. Feel free to wear them as dress rings, sentimental fashion pieces, and other fashionable ideas to bring life to your everyday wardrobe range. This way, you can look your best and inspire others to do likewise. 

2. Pick rings with different colours and textures 

While it may be personally meaningful to select a ring as your favourite accessory for any outfit, it may not be practical and idealised for every occasion’s theme. For example, if you are in semi-formal clothes, you can go for a silver dress ring to brighten up your style. However, the same ring may not be appropriate for an intimate date or get-together with your mates. 

The best way to ensure you choose the right dress ring is to widen your selection. For instance, go for inexpensive yet high-quality options like silicone rings. You can even gift your spares to your close family members to add sentimental value. This way, you have the chance to update your outfits with just a simple accessory choice.  

3. Consider wearing rings on other fingers 

Rings often hold a lot of meaning when you choose to wear them on a specific finger. For instance, wearing a wedding band on the left ring finger means you are dedicated to your significant other. You may also hear about the general belief that statement rings look flattering on the pinky finger. However, these traditional fashion practices don’t hold any value anymore, and you are free to do whatever you want with your accessories. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with various ring placement options. Doing so may even prompt people around you to try unconventional style options, meaning you are a good influence on others. 

4. Take care of your rings 

You should take care of your rings just as you would with any piece of clothing. Therefore, learn how to keep them properly, clean them, and maintain their quality. This way, you can wear them without worry, knowing they are kept well-polished and shiny. 

Meanwhile, if you choose to give rings as gifts, you may also want to recommend the same tips to your recipients. Feel free to use our jewellery care guide for your convenience. 


Styling with rings can be challenging, especially if you are just starting out and don’t know what to do. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what can work for your unique sense of fashion and personality. You just need to widen your choice of accessories to ensure you have all essentials ready. Stock up on the best rings and feel more yourself in your clothes!

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